Social Security Disability

Social Security pays benefits to people who cannot work because they have a medical condition that is expected to last at least one year or result in death. Federal law requires this very strict definition of disability. While some programs give money to people with partial disability or short-term disability, Social Security does not.

Commonly Asked Questions About Social Security Disability

Below are some general questions and answers about Social Security Disability issues in Florida. Contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Question: When should I apply for Social Security benefits?

Answer: You should apply for disability benefits as soon as you become disabled. It can take a long time to process an application for disability benefits (three to five months).

Question: How do I get started?

Answer: To apply for disability benefits, you will need to complete an application for Social Security Benefits and the Disability Report. View the complete Disability Report or print it, complete it and return it to your local Social Security office.

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