Child Custody

Florida does not really have “child custody” any longer. Most times, parents have “shared parental responsibility” involving their children, and they work out a timesharing schedule. If the parents cannot work out a timesharing schedule, it will be up to the courts to do so. Additionally, if the parents’ relationship is such that shared parental responsibility will not work; the courts can order sole parental responsibility.

Commonly Asked Questions About Child Custody

Below are some general questions and answers about custody issues in Florida. Contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Question: Can my ex move with my children?

Answer: Florida’s Relocation Statute prevents a parent with minor children from relocating his or her permanent residence more than 50 miles from the residence of the other parent, or from relocating his or her permanent residence out of the state of Florida. That is true unless he or she has complied with the notice rules of the relocation statute and has no objection from the other parent. If an objection comes from the other parent, a court order is required for relocation.

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